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Whether you need design for a corporate branding initiative or a nationwide graphics roll-out program with installation, a multi-media promotional launch or custom fabrication, our solutions are as diverse as our clients’ needs. Arsenal New York is structured to provide the technical expertise you expect.

Having assembled a skilled team of professionals and talented minds, we use state-of-the art technology and design methods to enhance your branding and communications platform. We are outfitted to operate as an extension of your team, a consultant who understands your business, helping you achieve growth and enhance your place within your industry.



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Moma Installation

To commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Polaroid brand, and to launch their new line of sunglasses, Arsenal New York worked with Polaroid’s off-shore designers to realize two large “Glare” tanks to demonstrate the glare-reducing capabilities of the polarizing filter for which they are famous.

To achieve this, Arsenal New York produced tanks which measured 42” x 22’ x 36”h and 42” x 12’ x 36”h and were filled with 4” of water.

Each tank had Polaroid’s current taglines laser-cut and embedded to its structural surface, beneath the 4” of water.

A glare was reflected upon the surface of the water, by recessed LED panels installed above each station. To show the anti-glare capability of the lens material, the viewer was able to examine the glare first through a non-polarized frame, then secondly through a polarized frame that simulated the effect of wearing Polaroid’s new sunglasses.

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David Yurman came to Arsenal New York to help them celebrate their Cable Collection’s 30th anniversary. Yurman envisioned both jewelry windows at Saks Fifth Avenue NYC filled with light, illuminating their latest jewelry cuffs.

To achieve this effect, Arsenal New York produced a lighted display using individual LED light points to create a landscape of compound curves from back to front and left to right, spanning the entire footprint of each window.

We constructed rectangular platforms made of black, powder-coated metal with 7/8” diameter tubes oriented vertically and capped with an LED-light, encased in sandblasted clear acrylic. Each platform consisted of over 300+ tubes of varying heights, creating a contoured landscape of light.

From each platform, we built three towering metal bracelet displays with clear acrylic backs to give the sense that the cuffs were floating above this lighted landscape.

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To launch their first store in Asia; Hong Kong, China, J Crew partnered with Arsenal New York to create something that would resonate with the people of the city. The concept was to create a visual display in window that would represent the topography of Hong Kong.

To achieve this, we integrated the aerial map of the city from which we were able to render the existing buildings. We then categorized the buildings by type to generate several different architectural style variations and materials.

In total, Arsenal New York fabricated over 1100 scale models of buildings as well as a contoured landscape onto which each building attached.

The overall unit measured 6.5’w x 13.5’h and recreated the cityscape of Hong Kong, complete with a large “drop pin” to identify the store location. The unit was shipped and installed successfully in their window for the grand opening.

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Roberto Coin wanted a visual display that would showcase their jewelry in a new light at retail trade shows and events. They commissioned Arsenal New York to create two, high impact, 4-sided hologram display units to feature their jewelry in a way seldom seen.

Each jewelry piece was digitally sculpted and animated using the actual jewelry pieces in conjunction with high-precision 3D laser scans.

Arsenal New York created photorealistic 3D CGI jewelry animations formatted for holographic display, including spinning rotations and lighting effects to enhance the jewels and precious metals.

Both units consisted of a display that featured four jewelry pieces and each short film was approximately 2 minutes long, run in continual play. The units were encased in a removable wooden shroud, atop a custom wooden plinth, making transport easy for nationwide and worldwide events.

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